A Community is stronger when its members are healthy with access to health information and services. African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees face multiple barriers to health such as linguistic barriers, lack of insurance, poverty, cultural values. Our health literacy program includes:
The Annual Health Fair and Health Forums
Mental Health Awareness
Domestic Violence
The Family Emergency Food Assistance Program,
The Senior Citizens Assistance program



Connecting immigrants and refugees to available resources ensures their social, political, and economic development and insertion into the fabric of Philadelphia. The program includes:

Immigrant Business Development

Immigrant Workers’ Rights

Housing Assistance Program & Public Benefits Assistance

Employment referral program

Education and Culture

The Education and Culture programconnects African and Caribbean immigrants and refugees to educational programs. It builds community leaders’ skillsand promotes African and Caribbean cultures through the media. The program includes:

ESL program referrals

Immigrant Heritage Month

Public School Enrolment Program

Youth Leadership program

Language Access Program

Annual Shades of Africa Fashion Show 


Policy and
Needs Assessments

Ensure the safety and wellbeing of immigrants and refugees also include identifying and fighting the forms of injustice they are subject to.AFRICOM strives to achieve this goal through its

Research and Policy Program

Community Needs Assessments 

Leadership Training and
Capacity Building

There is no strong community of immigrants and refugees without strong, informed, and trained leaders. The aim of this program is to help immigrant community leaders develop the skills and knowledge to help their communities engage in the civic life in Philadelphia. The program includes:

The Annual Board and leadership Retreat

The Youth Leadership Institute

Grant writing seminars and workshops

Legislative Advocacy Training


Civic Engagement
and Community Organizing

Ending the cycle of marginalization of immigrants and refugees in community affairs is another valuable step to ending social and economic injustice. The civic engagement program includes:

Voters’ Registration and Get Out the Vote (COTV)Project

Neighborhood Advisory Sub-Committee Representation

Census 2020

Collective Actions and Petition

Fair Housing Project

Breaking Bread Breaking Barriers

Immigration, Citizenship,
and Legal Assistance 

A fair and just immigration policy is the beginning of the welfare of immigrants and refugees. AFRICOM works with multiple partners to promote:

PA is Ready!

Immigration Legal Assistance

Referral Programs

Immigration Policy Advocacy


AFRICOM’s vision is to build a strong and inclusive African and Caribbean immigrant and refugee community with all the nationalities. Our mission is to advocate and organize so that immigrants and refugees feel a sense of empowerment, belonging, and self-sufficiency.

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