Member Organizations

Membership is granted with the full understanding that all members unequivocally embrace the vision and mission of the Coalition, and are committed to spare no effort to the realization of the Coalition's goals and ideals. Click here to learn more about how to join.
AFRICOM's Members include: 

All For All Agency

African Cultural Center

Barbuda and Antigua Association

Cameroonian Association of Philadelphia

Coalition for Jamaica

Conseil des Maliens de Philadelphie

Cote d’Ivoire Association of Delaware Valley, Inc.

Deme African Helping Hands

Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia

Liberian Association of Pennsylvania (LAP)

Mauritanian Association of Philadelphia

Mboho Ndito

Oromo Community of Philadelphia

Senegalese Association of Philadelphia

Shahica, Inc.

Sierra Leone Youth Association

Sudanese Community Association

Urban Resources Opportunity Center (UROC)


African Family Health Organization (AFAHO)

Multicultural Services Family Center (MFSC)

Liberia Bong Mines Elderly Care Services

Agape African Senior Center

Better Health Care, LLC

Radio Xalaat

Associate Members 

Antoine Sovoh

Saleem-Abdullah Mwwakkil

Sr. Florence Enechukwu

Rev. Moses Dennis Sua


African Audio Video Center


Funtimes Magazine

Sudanese American Business Association

Zemoria Brandon

Ousmane Tounkara

Small Pot African Restaurant